ESP01 relay module

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ESP01 relay module - just plug in ESP01 and You have ready to work WiFi enabled relay.

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Small module with relay and ESP01 socket (sold w/o ESP01, You need to purchase it separately). Just program and put ESP01 into and You can control via WiFi relay on board.

Relay is controlled via GPIO0 on ESP01. You can upload ESPEasy to create remote controlled relay (from Domoticz or just via plain HTTP integration).

Since GPIO0 changes its state on start/reset of ESP8266 relay will be enabled for short moment on startup. If this is concern in Your project, You can cut PCB trace and solder jumper Wire to GPIO3, which is the only GPIO on ESP01 which does not change its status on reset.


  • Sold w/o ESP01 You can add to cart ESP01 here
  • PCB size 25 x 37 mm
  • Supply voltage - 5V
  • Drive relay via pin GPIO0