ElWire, 2.3mm diameter, red

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Do you need an ElWire of any length? ElWire, diameter: 2.3mm, color: red, cut by the meter

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EL wire, or electroluminescent wire, is a flexible wire coated in phosphor.

ElWire come in various colors and diameters. We’re selling rounded ElWire, with 2.3 mm diameter and red color. All available colors can you find: here.

ElWire - interesting visual effect. Slightly glows in the dark. Check it:

ElWire is often used to build costumes like in this video:


This product unlike ElWire from SparkFun is being sold without connector. You need to solder suitable connector, to be able to connect power.

Use this tutorial to see how to solder connector:

EL-WIRE 3m z gotowym złączem:
EL-TAPE 1m z gotowym złączem:
EL-WIRE na metry, średnica 2.3mm:
Zasilanie do EL-WIRE i EL-TAPE: