Electro-Fashion Light Level Detector (Kitronik 2754)

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This Electro-Fashion, Light Level Detector allows you to activate equipment based on day or night conditions. Ideal for light circuits on a day/night cycle.

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This specially designed light level detector allows you to activate other equipment based on current day or night conditions. As the light level increases, the output voltage supplied by the Out pin increases. The voltage output swings between 0.9V in low light conditions and 2.9V in bright light conditions.

This sensor can also be easily connected to our Electro-Fashion: Igloo, PICAXE wearable module or any e-textiles project using our own conductive thread sewn through the large clearly marked double sided connection points.


Detects light levels. Activate equipment based on night/day timescales. Output voltage increases as light level increases. Contents:

1 x Electro-Fashion, Light Level Detector. Dimensions:

Length: 21mm. Width: 12m. Height: 3mm.