Driver module StepStick DRV8825 2.2A 45V

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Driver module StepStick DRV8825 2.2A 45V, RAMPS compatible

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This stepstick module can work with motors powered with voltage from 8.2V to 45V and up to 2.2A (with radiator) or 1.5A (w/o radiator). It has internal voltage regulator so no need for additional power supply line for logic.


DIR pin (all inputs can work with 5V logic) is responsible for rotation direction. Each impulse on STEP pin results in one step on motor. Steps size depends on MODE0/1/2 pins status:

Pin MODE0 Pin MODE1 Pin MODE2 Step size
Low Low Low Full step
High Low Low 1/2 step
Low High Low 1/4 step
High High Low 1/8 step
Low Low High 1/16 step
High Low High 1/32 step
Low High High 1/32 step
High High High 1/32 step

PCB is designed to dissipate heat from up to 1.5A for each motor coil. With higher current You must place a radiator on PCB.


DRV8825 - datasheet