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8-ch Logic Analyzer complient with Saleae

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8-channel Logic Analyzer, 24MHz, working with Saleae's software

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Tags: logic, analyzer

8-channel Logic Analyzer

This USB powered 8-channel Logic Analyzer allows you to record, playback and analyze logic states with your PC. Thanks to Saleae Logic software you may decode transmission between IC's. This analyzer may decode following protocols: I2C, Async Serial, SPI, 1-Wire, CAN, I2S, PCM, UNI/O, Manchester. It's quite handy tool when you work with AVR, ARM PIC, digital modules and sensors.

Logic Alayzer works in 8-channel mode. May sample with max frequency of 24MHz. It's fully compatible with original SALEAE software. NOTICE channel markings on the plug are with offset related to channel description in software. CH1 on plug is CH0 in software, CH3 becomes CH2, etc.

Set includes:

  • Logic Analyzer
  • mini USB cable
  • F-F connection cables


  • Powered from USB (miniUSB)
  • Channels: 8
  • Max sampling frequency: 24MHz
  • Adjustable sampling frequency: 25KHz - 24MHz (13 settigns)
  • Max length of samples: 1G

Optional accesories