BBC micro:bit V2 GO - development board wit accesories

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Development board based on a fast 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 processor with Bluetooth connectivity. The board detects movement, magnetic field, temperature and light intensity. It reacts to noise and can play a melodies. It displays pictograms and text on the 5x5 LED matrix. You can program it in MakeCode, Scratch or Python. Set includes battery holder with 2 AAA bateries and micro USB cable.

BBC micro:bit V2

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The latest BBC micro:bit

After long break modules are available again (August 2023). These modules are in revision V2.21

In a nutshell, BBC micro:bit V2 kept what worked well in V1. Fixed what needed to be improved. And added some new things that users asked for. The new platform is faster, it can do more.

Dimensions remained exactly the same. The BBC micro:bit fits easily in your pocket. At first glance, you can see that there are small indents in the edge connector. Thanks to them, aligator clips will hold even better. Nothing will slip (or at least we hope for). The processor was replaced with a faster one in terms of both clock speed and the amount of available memory. In past the amount of memory was sometimes a problem so this is an important change. The power output to accessories via the edge connector has been significantly increased. A microphone with a diode indicating its activity has been added. Thanks to the new loudspeaker, it is possible to play melodies without having to connect external accessories. The touch-sensitive logo is also a nice gesture. And one more thing - the invisible yet important - the ability to use sleep and power off modes.

Set includes:

  • BBC micro:bit V2
  • Battery holder with JST PH connector
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Short micro USB cable
  • Safety guide flyer
  • Getting started flyer
  • Sticker with BBC micro:bit logo

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