Arduino Uno R2


Arduino UNO R2 - we suggest Arduino R3 (link in description)

Product is retired

Replaced by: Arduino UNO R3

Product has replacement: Arduino UNO R3

We suggest use newest Arduino model

This product is an Arduino UNO revision 2 (aka R2 aka Rev2). We suggest to use Arduino UNO R3

Arduino UNO have replaced Arduino Duemilanove. It is backward compatible however Arduino Team have introduced several improvements, like:

  • New chip managing USB connection (no driver need in Windows - simple INI file is enough)

  • USB chip has own firmware and can be reprogrammed ( ICSP pins are brought out on board) and can emulate different USB clients (mass storage, keyboard, etc)

  • Bootloader is smaller only 0.5 kB leaving whooping 31.5 kB of flash for Your programs

  • 3.3V source has now own regulator allowing for bigger 3.3 currents - now they max at 150mA (50 mA in Duemilanove)

  • You got Arduino Uno in box with additional goodies - like some stickers

Other things are unchanged - it is still most newbie friendly micro-controller platform available.

Arduino is based on ATmega328 micro-controller. It has 32 kB of flash (0.5 taken by bootloader), 2 kB of RAM and 1 kB of EEPROM.

Real strength of Arduino are input and outputs. You got brought out on board 14 digital I/O (6 of them are PWM), 6 analog inputs measuring voltage up to 5V with 10 bit resolution (1024 values).

One built-in UART (serial port) with signals at TTL-level (digital I/O 0 and 1), I2C (on analog 4 and 5), external interrupts.