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Arduino Pro Mini Clone ATmega 328P 3.3V / 8 MHz reversed FTDI connector

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Arduino Pro Mini Clone ATmega 328P 3.3V / 8 MHz. FTDI connector is reversed.

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This is Arduino Pro Mini clone. Almost 1:1, only FTDI connector (for programming) is reversed. You have to plug FTDI converter according to silkscreen on PCB. Also analog pins A4-A7 are in different places, but all pins on longer edges are exactly in the same order as in original clone (pun intended). If You want to solder board into ready PCB, make sure that FTDI connector won't be problem for You. In case You need 100% Arduino Pro Mini clone we carry them also.


  • Processor: ATmega328P
  • Logic level voltage: 3.3V
  • Supply voltage: 3.3-12V
  • Clock: 8 MHz
  • No USB connector
  • Goldpins included, not soldered