Arduino Mini


Ideal Ardiuno for small form factor devices

Product is retired

Replaced by: Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16 MHz

Product has replacement: Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16 MHz

We suggest using Arduino Pro Mini instead of this one.

Arduino Mini is miniature version of Arduino. Compatible with the big one, provides the same functions while being significantly smaller (its total dimensions are 3cm x 1.8cm).

Potential applications? Everywhere, where space is valuable. Often as the first prototype, a regular Arduino is used, and the second prototype, far closer to the final version, is based on Arduino Mini.

What are the differences between these two Arduinos?

Arduino Mini is based on ATmega168, so it has less onboard memory. You also have to be more careful, since supplying voltage higher than 9V or with wrong polarisation may end up with damaging your device. For obvious reasons, on such a small board there is no space to include an USB module. Arduino Mini can be programmed with any USB/RS232 to TTL converter (so a regular USB<->RS232 dongle will not work, you need also a voltage levels converter). Another solution is using the Arduino Mini USB which is the same USB converter as used in the big Arduino.