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WS2815 LED strip, 12 V, 60 LED/m, IP67, white

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WS2815 LED strip, 12 V, 60 LED/m, IP67, white

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  • IC Type :WS2815
  • Gray Level: 256
  • View Angle: 120°
  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Color: 24-bit
  • Flexible PCB Board Color: White or Black
  • Power: 0.3W per LED
  • LED size 5050
  • Storage Temperature: -30-+95 °C
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +85°C *The Distance Between LEDs:
    • 30 LEDs/m - 28mm
    • 60 LEDs/m - 12mm
    • 144 LEDs/m -- 1.92mm
  • Wave length: Red 650 nm ; Green 520 nm Blue 460nm

WS2815 - benefits

Using LED strips based on WS2815:

  • Power supply with 12V - it is much easier provide proper amount of power compared to 5V LED strips. Less current, less power wasted
  • MUCH more reliable strips. When single chip/LED fail - rest of strip is working. Only the failure of two subsequent chips will turn off the rest of the tape
  • Chip are integrated with LED - clean and aesthetic design

Price, length

Price is for 1m. In case of this strip, it will be 60 LEDs. Strip is in silicone tube (IP67). There is 5m on single roll. When You order 5 m we will try to send it in single piece.


  • Strip in silicone tube (IP67)
  • 60 LED/m
  • Power consuption max 18W/m
  • White PCB

Power consumption seems a bit overestimated. When we have connected strip and got power consumption up to 8 W/m. To power 5m of strip we need up to 3.3A of current.

See this strip in action driven by one of controllers: