WiFi Module NodeMCU V3 LoLin ESP-12E with XH2.54 6P+2P sockets

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Wi-Fi module for Sensor.Community sets. It has a soldered XH2.54 socket for SDS011 and BME280 / SHT31 sensors.

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NodeMCU for Sensor.Community

The use of female jumper wires in the Sensor.Community (Luftdaten) KITs was the good solution at the time. The cables were cheap and with a little effort they allowed all the components to be connected together. But this solution was far from perfect. It was possible to connect cables in wrong order and it took a long time to check it out. The cables also had different quality depending on the deliveries.

That is why at Nettigo we have designed a special cable harness to make the sensors of the Sensor.Community network more reliable. Faster and easier assembly process and, what is important, error-free. The next step was preparing a special version of the NodeMCU V3 module with the sockets in the right places.


  • Module with sockets specially soldered for use in Sensor.Community
  • Connectors provide a secure connection that will not self-release
  • Each plug is different, so there is only one way to connect
  • The module has soldered sockets for use with cable harness