USB to TTL RS232 cable

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USB to Serial cable, Serial (UART) connector not in FTDI standard, just 4 flexible female pins.

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Based on PL2303 from Prolific Technology this USB/Serial converter is handy, when You don’t have standard UART connector. 4 flexible female pins lets You connect pins in order You need.

4 pins are brought out Vcc (5V), GND and TX/RX. Despite power is 5V, TX/RX is in 3.3V logic levels.


  • total length - 100 cm
  • length of USB connector (from PC side) - 6.5 cm
  • connections:
    • black - GND
    • red - Vcc (5V)
    • green TX (3.3V logic levels)
    • white RX (we don’t know if it 5V tolerant so assume 3.3V logic)