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Teensy 3.2 - 32 bit ARM Cortex M4

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Development board Teensy 3.2 - 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4, 72 MHz, small footprint (1.4 " x 0.7")

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Development board with microUSB connector (matching cable). MK20DX256VLH7 (ARM) on board, with 72 MHz clock. 34 digital I/O lines in total. 256 kB of Flash, 16 kB RAM, 2 kB EEPROM. Two real ADC (so You can measure two signals in exactly the same moment)

3 UARTs, 1 I2C and SPI port. This board, unlike Teensy 2.0 and Teensy++ 2.0 works with 3.3V logic. Compared to Teensy 3.1 it has power regulator capable to provide 500mA and the board can be powered with 6V voltage. You can program it with Arduino IDE or directly in C/C++ (this second option lets You unleash full ARM potential).

Small footprint (1.4" x 0.7") makes it ideal solution when You need small dev board and powerful processor.