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Supplier: (aka Luftdaten) compatible kit - all components to build, soldered and programmed. NodeMCU with firmware with English language. NovaFitness SD011 and Sensirion SHT31 no pressure readings

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No pressure readings

In beginning of 2021 there is a big shortage of BME280 modules on market. Current delivery times for chips is set to six months at least. We decided to introduce new kit, replacement for SDS011/BME280 Sensor Communit Kit. BME280 was replaced by SHT31 - precise temperature and humidity sensor.

This is a complete set, with all mechanical parts (hydraulic elbows) and electronic components. All components are tested, soldered and programmed. Just plug and connect all things and you are ready to go! This set includes theSHT31 humidity/temperature sensor. Compared with the classic


This is a complete set to build the air-quality sensor (aka sensor):