Sensor.Community Cable Harness

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A specially designed cable with XH2.54 connectors for easy connection of the Sensor.Community kit

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Step forward

The use of female jumper wires in the Sensor.Community (Luftdaten) KITs was the good solution at the time. The cables were cheap and with a little effort they allowed all the components to be connected together. But this solution was far from perfect. It was possible to connect cables in the wrong order and it took a long time to check it out. The cables also had different quality depending on the deliveries.

We decided to take matters into our own hands. This cable harness has been designed by Nettigo in order to make the cheap sensors of the Sensor.Community network more reliable, and the assembly faster, easier and, what is important, error-free.


  • Specially designed for Sensor.Community sensors
  • Thick, 24AWG cables with good quality connectors guarantee a secure connection that will not come loose by itself
  • Each plug is different, so there is only one way to connect
  • The colors of individual wires inform about the type of signal that is carried
  • The harness is designed to be used with XH 2.54 sockets present in custom NodeMCU V3 module, but will also work with standard pins, so it can be used with old sets