Raspberry Pi 2 media center set

Weight: Help
289 g

All you need to create your own media center.

Product is retired

Rasbperry Pi B version 2 thanks to more powerful CPU is ideal to create media center.

We’ve prepared this set, so you don’t need to buy anything more to start your adventure with media center.

  • Power: With our set you’ll get 2A power supply that will handle the WiFi dongle and external HDD.
  • WiFi: While connecting your media center to your TV there’s a lot of cables so in our opinion WiFi dongle is the best option.
  • Enclousure: If you want to create media center you’d like to hide the device, that’s why we include small enclousure that should fit perfectly.
  • Ready to use: When buying this form Nettigo you’ll get microSD with OpenElec. All you need to do is to configure the WiFi settings and connect it to your TV!


## IR remote

If you have spare IR remote you can use it to control your media center. Add to basket IR receiver set and your almost ready to go. How to connect and configure your OpenElec can be found on Nettigo Academy(You’ll need to use translator).

Control media center with your phone/tablet

Now it’s possible to control your media center using old mobile phone or tablet. For more information how to do this check our Academy

DVB-T recoder

Is it possible to record television? Yes, thanks to DVB-T tuner you can watch and record your favourite movies. Step by step manual can be found on Academy.

All articles about media center on Academy(Requires translator)

External HDD

2A power supply allows you to connect external USB HDD without additional power supply. Now you can storage your movie collection on bigger space. We have concluded test with 1TB Canvio (Toshiba) HDD with a success.