Keypad - odczyt przez wejście analogowe

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Keypad - 4 przyciski kierunku i 1 zatwierdzenia - odczyt z jednego pinu analogowego

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Four directional buttons and one selection button in a form of little keypad. The buttons are connected through resistor ladder to a single pin. Thanks to that the buttons' state is detectable using only one analog input.

It’s the same solutions as in LCD shield (both with replacable LCD and with fixed LCD), but in a standalone form.

Keypad is sold as a DIY kiy. It contains::

  • PCB board (60mm x 37mm)
  • 5 microswitches
  • 3-pin resistor ladder
  • 5 10k resistors for voltage divider


Learn how to use the Nettigo Keypad use the Nettigo Keypad.

Keypad is developed in cooperation with RBelektro.