Digital temperature sensor DS18B20 - waterproof 2m cable

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Digital temperature sensor DS18B20 with OneWire interface

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Digital temperature sensor DS18B20, waterproof case.

Arduino library described on Arduino Playground. Working range from -55 to 125 degrees. Resolution 0.5 in range from -10 up to 85 degrees.

Substitutes, clones and fakes
The market is full of bad DS18B20 clones. Among the counterfeit sensors and poor-quality replacements sold as originals, you can easily find ones that not only do not meet the specifications, but also do not work in parasitic mode. This is especially problematic with waterproof cable sensors, where the system is cast in a metal core with resin and there is no non-invasive way to optically inspect it.
Way to check and classify sensors
But if you can’t view something, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other ways to find out what’s inside. We test the sensors we sell with a script written by Chris Petrich. The script allows you to accurately check parameters and classify sensors. It is a priority for us that the sensors we described as DS18B20 actually are such sensors. We also sell very good quality replacements (e.g. QT18B20), but it is clearly stated in the product description.
We control each bulk package
It is impractical to check every single sensor. The process takes a long time, which means we would have to increase the price of the sensors a lot. In each delivery, we receive many bulk packages with 10 to 50 sensors. We carry out random checks in each such package. We assume that no one in the factory has mixed up the sensors within one package - this is unlikely to happen. In this way, we can confidently claim that we know what we are selling.