2 channel servo test module

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Test module for analog servos.

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Small module with two analog servo connectors. Knob controls servo angle, so You can quickly test & compare servos. Button on board toggles work mode, default is angle controlled by potentiometer. In second mode servos are set in neutral position.

You could use that module as simple servo controller, but you can control only one (or two if your application requires that servos are set to the same angle).

Why both servos are share the same setting? Well, cheap analog servos not always are working according to specs. Most often they don’t have full range of move (as advised by datasheet). Using this module You can quickly compare servos if they are working in similar way.

Module is built using MCU from 8051 family (MS51FB9AE. It has UART (and more signals) brought out to the goldpin connector.

From info found in net it looks like firmware on it allow more advanced servo control (both channels can be driven separately, resolution of 0.09° - 1 µs) via some kind of protocol. We are waiting for confirmation from our supplier.


  • Size PCB: 47 x 30 mm
  • Power supply - 5 - 9V
  • Connectors:
    • Terminal block, 2 pins, (GND, Vcc) - power supply
    • JST 3 pin (GND, Vcc and NC) - power supply
    • 2 servo connectors (GND, Vcc, control signal)
    • 1x7 connector, raster 0.1” (no pins soldered) - RX, TX, GND, VCC, CLK, RST, DAT