Arduino Mega ADK for Android


Turn your Android phone into powerful peripheral device with Google ADK

Product is retired

Replaced by: Arduino Mega ADK for Android Rev3

Product has replacement: Arduino Mega ADK for Android Rev3

Google Android Development Kit (ADK) is a library, which can turn your Android-powered phone or tablet into an intelligent peripheral device for a robot or another electronics. Apart from a software installed on Android phone you will need also a device responsible for communication with e.g. the robot. An example platform demonstrated by Google consisted of Arduino Mega 2560 and USB Host Shield. From now on this set is available as single board from Arduino Team.

The board has Arduino Mega size, contains ATmega 2560 microcontroller and has USB Host Shield integrated - everything you need for turning your Android phone into a powerful peripheral device. Google ADK requires an Android device with accessory mode capability.

This product is Arduino ADK Rev2 (w/o additional pins introducted in Rev3). We have this board in Rev3 version available