Arduino Fio v3 [ATMega32U4]

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8 g

Arduino + Funnel + Xbee = Arduino Fio

Product is retired

Arduino Fio v3 is great module for wireless XBee rapid development. Integrated XBee slot, works at 3.3V, communication over USB (not only for LiPo charging unlike Fio v2), LiPo connector and charger on board.

Main differences between Fio v3 and v2:

  • ATmega32U4 vs ATmega328
  • USB is fully working in v3

Arduino Fio v3 is a new board, not full supported in Arduino IDE. Only for those who know what to do with it.
We carry also previous version: Arduino Fio v2.

Product page on SparkFunDEV-11520 (Kod: DEV-10116)