Xadow - OLED dipslay 0.96"

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Xadow - OLED dipslay 0.96" - small size, light and easy to use with Arduino

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The advantage of OLED is its power consumption. The 128x64 OLED screen is very cool. This module is equipped with the most comprehensive software support, you can effortlessly draw the pattern on this screen what you want.


  • Size: 0.96"
  • Resolution: 128x64px
  • Power voltage: 3.3V
  • Interface: I2C
  • Connectors: FPC and pads for goldpin (1x4 0.1")

More on SeeedStudio Wiki. Library ready to use on Github.

Connecting to Arduino

Module has FPC connector but using it with Arduino is not easy. So lucky for You hackers, there is place for 4 goldpins in standard 0.1" raster. These pins are power (Vcc and GND) and SDA/SCL.

Logic level converter

On module there are no circuit for logic levels conversions so we suggest use logic level converter.

In case You are connecting OLED to µc working on 3.3V logic (like Teensy 3.1 or Arduino Pro Mini 3.3) You are ready to go w/o such device.

Library and examples on GitHub. Wiki page on SeeedStudio Wiki