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PCB for WiFi Enabled 2.4" Touch Screen with SD Card Reader

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Tags: Wemos, WD1M, LCD

Simple yet powerfull!

This board provides solid connection between Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266) and 2.4" TFT ILI9341 XPT2046 SPI Display (TJCTM24024-SPI). The main goal is to build cheap wi-fi enabled display with touch interface for use in various IoT projects. Display communicates with ESP8266 via SPI (display, touch and SD card reader). Displays interrupt is connected do D0 pin allowing for waking up ESP8266 from Deep Sleep state. LCD LED backlight is driven via MOSFET via D3 pin.

Additional header P1 may be used as general purpose UART, I2C or One Wire.


Current version

  • Standard ESP8266 SPI interface:
    • SCK - D5
    • MISO - D6
    • MOSI - D7
  • LCD Chip Select - D8
  • LCD D/C - D1
  • LCD Reset - RST
  • Touch Chip Select - D2
  • Touch IRQ - D0
  • SD Card Reader Chip Select - D4

Future plans

  • LCD Backlight (via MOSFET) - D3