Nettigo NPMS-5 Air Quality, Humidity and Temperature Sensor

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Nettigo Air Monitor Multi-sensor.

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Retired sensor

Sensor is retired, we do sell out last pcs.

Combo sensor from Nettigo

Nettigo NPMS-5 sets a new standard among low-cost laser dust sensors. It’s a design similar to the best sensors in its class. The laser dust measurement module is based on the solution known from the Plantower PMS7003 sensor. The external size of the sensor, the location of the connector and the pin layout are identical to those in PMS7003. The communication protocol has been slightly modified to allow sensor to send humidity and temperature information. So if your design has so far used PMS7003M (openings on a large wall), you can replace the sensor with NPMS-5 without changing the hardware platform. Only the code update will be required.

The Swiss sensor Sensirion SHT30 is responsible for the measurement of humidity and temperature. What is important, it is located just next to the air inlet. This allows to obtain very accurate measurements of temperature and air humidity when measuring the amount of suspended dust. This simple fact makes the software compensation of high humidity conditions much more accurate.

The integration of a PM sensor with a precise humidity and temperature sensor also reduces the size of your device. Smaller device, fewer cables, less potential problems.

Prototype series

The sensor in its current form comes from prototype series. The final product will have a more accurate temperature and humidity sensor. SHT30-DIS-B will replace SHT31-DIS-F. It will also have UART and I2C support. We are also working on introducing a low-current sleep mode which isn’t present in current configuration.


  • Small size
  • Very quiet operation
  • Long life
  • Enclosure made from stainless steel - perfect shielding from EM interference
  • Inlet and outlet on the same wall
  • PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 measurement
  • Precise temperature and relative humidity measurement using Sensirion SHT30
  • Size and connector compatible with PMS7003 i PMS7003M
  • Optional adapter with mounting holes


  • Model: NPMS-5
  • Interface: Serial (UART 3.3V)
  • Supply voltage: 5V (+/- 0.1)
  • Average current consumption in continuous mode: about 22 mA
  • Max current consumption: 100 mA
  • Logic: 3.3V
  • Main IC: STM32F030F4P6
  • Laser color: red
  • MTTF: >40000h (continuous work)
  • Size: 48 x 37 x 12 mm

Set includes:

  • Nettigo NPMS-5 sensor (with easy to peel off white protective film)
  • 2x5 THT connector
  • 2x5 SMD connector