You can always place an order using our web interface. For deliveries outside of Poland our interface provides payment via PayPal in Polish złoty and Post Package as delivery option. But that is not all!

Prices in EUR and payment via wire transfer

Our system provides some basic guidance how much items will cost in EUR, but this is rough estimate. When You pay via PayPal it uses own exchange rates and total can be quite different. We can provide pro-forma invoice for each order. This invoice can be issued directly in EUR, with better rates than PayPal provides (that mean usually You pay less than paying via PayPal) and You will get our account number to pay via wire transfer (SEPA).

Just place an order and choose ProForma Invoice as payment method. In order remarks place note You want to get invoice issued in EUR.

Reverse charge or invoices without VAT

We are registered EU VAT company, so for cross-border transactions in EU we can issue invoice w/o VAT. To get such invoice - place an order, provide full company data. In case You want to pay via PayPal don't do it right away. Wait until You get pro-forma invoice w/o VAT.. We will update total to pay in order. In case You pay earlier You will be charged amount with VAT. We do full VAT refund via PayPal if transaction is eligible for reverse charge, but You may get a slightly different amount if PayPal have changed is exchange rates.

Delivery using UPS/DHL/other courier

To most European countries we can send packages using express courier service. Price depends on country and zip code but for most countries it is 18-22 EUR + VAT for small package (up to 1 kg 25x20x10 cm). If You are considering using other delivery options - place an order and ask for express courier quote in order remarks. We will send You quote and You could decide whether You want to use express courier or post.